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SELECTED DISCOGRAPHY: 1994-2007 (recording with engineer Evan Rabby)

1) Would You Be Good
2) Northern Sky
3) I Wish You Peace

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Moira Campbell: (Released October 20, 2006):
Moira Campbell moved here from the UK, where she had a hit "Skin On Skin" in the top ten charts. This album represents a new direction for Moira, produced with Evan Rabby and written and directed entirely from her own personal artistic choices, it has an acoustic and folk style, a contrast to the heavier rock and british pop of previous projects she has collaborated on.
Moira Campbell Website
1) PK Page Boy with a sea Dream
2) PK Page Images of Angel
3) WS Merwin Vixen
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Luke Parkin, Things I Didn't Know I Loved (To be released October 10, 2006):
This album was produced and written by Luke Parkin. This music was written alongside selected writings and poetry. All compositrions are solo instrumental piano, composed by Luke Parkin.
Luke Parkin Website

1) See Your Beautiful
2) Everyday Muzings
3) Run
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Tanya Gillespie: Everyday Muzings (Released June, 2004):
This album was produced and written by Tanya Gillespie and Evan Rabby over the course of the summer and fall of 2004. Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, drums and percussion are played and written by Tanya Gillespie. Bass guitar, electric guitar and classical guitar are played and written by Evan Rabby. Joe McGinnes originally started the project, producing and playing acoustic lead, electric guitar, bass guitar and drum sequencing on the song Talk To Me and playing bass guitar and sequencing on Mundane.
Tanya Gillespie Website

1) Get To It
2) Breathe
3) Beautiful Illusion
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Tanya Gillespie: Impromptu (Released January, 2006):
"Elements of Jazz, Funky Bass, and Classically trained Piano..." This album was produced in the spur of the moment in 2 recording sessions on 2 different grand pianos, then we added a few things later: one song has a drum track and a chorus of children (courtesy of various branches of our friends and family), and Evan Rabby added some acoustic guitar on several songs.

1) Chi
2) Spaces
3) Perfect World

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Shane Philip: Earthshake (Released February, 2006):
Shane recorded the initial tracks for this album in one live 6 hour session, just sitti'n in the acoustic room with candles and incense... He plays slide guitar, Didgeridoo, kick drum and vocals all at the same time! It was meant to be a quick live off the floor demo, when the performance and sound changed our minds. Shane went on to record a session with percussion and multiple musicians with Corwin Fox on Cortez Island, resulting in a powerful and unique album like nothing we have ever done before!
Shane Philip Website
1) Enough
2) When All Is Said And Done

David Patrick, Killingflaw, The Federation (September, 2005):
Formerly of the british techno guitar unit Inhaler, David Patrick has been working with Evan Rabby for almost 4 years doing the hard disk editing and sequencing for their HARD HITTING english techno! When you hear backing tracks at their performances, your hearing our heaviest production to date! Now we have tracks from the forthcoming second album, recorded entirely at our own studio: Check it out!
Killingflaw Website

1) Blue Women
2) Foi
3) Lillian
4) Caravan

Wassabi Collective: The Masquerade Sessions (July, 2002):
This was The Wassabi Collective's first full album release. It was recorded at Lucky Bar in Victoria, BC over 7 weeks in the summer. They sold over 4,000 copies of that album, exclusively at their live shows during their 2002 and 2003 touring seasons. This is the only album released during their phase with marimba players, and has Jeremie Doiron as well, on guitar. This album still brings up the emotions of ...what was coming into our earth that summer... for me!
Wassabi Collective Website
1) Roller
2) Ganga Smuggli'n
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Wassabi Collective: Realtime Records Summer tour 2004:
Evan has been working with The Wassabi Collective since their first recordings in 2002, and in the summer of 2004 they released their 3rd round of companyzero-recorded productions: recorded, mixed, mastered and released all in the same night by Evan Rabby using our new technology, Realtime Records. Their driving, danceable, yet organic and inspiring sound has been drawing dedicated new fans in every town they play in.
1) Flowers
2) Nufuzz Afrique
Wassabi Collective: The Blue Album (January, 2004):
Wassabi Collective's second album is a hard to find album: the second recording done live from 7 sessions atl Lucky Bar in Victoria, BC. Upon releasing this, they soon acquired Gisteau, their new guitarist, adding his own original reggae tunes to the Wassabi Collective Sound. They also found their new drummer, and the sound of their music took on a new level of inspiration. In April of the release year, we did a Realtime Records tour with them and this was such a sucess in capturing the new sound that the "Blue album" (no official title ever given) was permanently shelved!
1) Fiddletunes Book II

Calvin Cairns: Conservatory Fiddletunes (2004):
Calvin came in in about 2 days and recorded the second of his fiddle tunes books for his students. It was as much of a challenge for him to stay right on the basics as it is for his students to advance upwards! Wanna learn fiddle? Go hit up Calvin...
Calvin Cairns Website

1) Listen
2) A-Funk
Philosopher's Tone: (Various Unreleased Projects):
Here are Evan Rabby's own productions, spanning 10 years. Only one album was ever released, and that only in a few doezen copies. This year that will change! The new album is in production, featuring classical guitar with bass, steel string guitar with lead electric, and some drum and bass ambient grooves. Watch for it here, avbailable online sometime this fall!

Live recordings: we come do the live sound and tracking, then we mix and master at our studio
"Track 02" "Track 01" "Track 08" "Track 01" "The Bounty Hunter"

Art School Bullies Gary Peterson
Stray Curses Junior      

Postproduction (mixing of original source tracks, as well as mastering and occasional overdubs)
The Revolutionary Cyborg Wedding Band Sin Sizzerb
Vikki Flawith
Pepe Martinez (vocal overdubs added)
Democracy for Dinosaurs Angels Waiting For The Bus Eres La Musica  

DVD and VCD Video edting and audio-for-video mastering:
we can do simple video authoring, with emphasis on mastering the AUDIO to professional standards!
Harpdog Brown

Duo Sable

Rocket 88        

Some other great bands we have worked with over the years:
Jambanja · The Gnu Band/Ragtime Millionaires · Kickshaw · Sonnenblume · Metalunas · Huge
Kazba (full studio production, klezmer music... listen!)
The Immaculate Machine · The Hi Fi Ramblers · Lift · Chameleon · The Sea Monkeys ·
Jeremy Doiron · Kristen Sweetland · Angela Basombrio · Peter Shelley · Moira Campbell · Fata Morgana · Hoochie Girls · Veronica Tangent · A Particular Wave (listen!)