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Realtime Records - From the Stage to Your Stereo in Real Time

We record live shows and have CDs ready for sale immediately after the last song is over! - Capture an exceptional performance you may never get from a studio release - You get to hear the show even as you drive home - You know exactly what you'll hear on the recording you buy - Online sales service: for those who missed the show, available online the next day

Artitsts: you get a virtually free mobile recording and your name gets spread in each town you play in - Recording quality is absolutely unrivalled: you get a 24 channel 24 bit live recording, mixed and mastered in a sound isolated mobile studio, and DVD backups of the show! - Duplicating capacity for all size venues, from 200 to 10,000 person events - This is a win-win situation for everyone involved!

24 channel live mixing console
18 burner cd duplicator
our compact 24 channel realtime mixing console and remote opearated duplicator units

Realtime Records Services and Costs

1) Local show, within the Victoria area: we come out and record and release your show, we find a room to mix in at the venue (can be up to 300 feet away!), and we use your merchandise person to sell the discs and preorder tickets. We can also release a less expensive, digitally mastered room mic plus board mix.
2) Integrated touring; we tour with your band without a separate recording truck: you provide transportation and accommodation for 1 engineer (we cover food and incidentals). Your merchandise person sells the discs and preorder tickets. We do a multichannel mix in a separate room, or in one of the touring vehicles, or we can do a digitally mastered board mix plus room mic from inside the venue. At smaller, poorly equipped venues, we can provide most of the gear needed for the front of house sound, and our mixing engineer is a competent live sound tech. Depending on the room sound, we can do your sound and still release a board mix of the show (on tours at smaller venues, we have always saved the show by doing sound at one or two of the venues along the way!).
3) Fully self contained touring and recording: we bring a mobile recording studio/truck and generator, and cover all of our own logistics, accommodation, food, ETC. This arrangement is suitable for large venues, with sales expectations over 100 units.

Income and costs, arrangements with clients:

Option 1 (flat rate commission/large volume sales expected):
We charge a commission at a flat rate per unit sold starting with the first unit sold. We negotiate with you on the commission amount on an individual basis. We sell all shows throughout the tour, and further use of the recording after the tour is negotiated individually with each band. We suggest letting us offer online sales from our site, and the band makes all profit after online sales commissions outlined below.
Option 2 (fixed fee is taken from first CD sales): This has the most value if you want a high quality . We determine if we want to take on the risks associated with the recording and production ourselves. We collect the income from net disc sales from each show until the number of units sold reaches our costs. If sales do not reach the minimum by then end of the show or tour, we collect the balance from online sales or further sales at shows (we print extra copies for you to sell later). If a show doesn't turn out well, there's no obligation to you: we take the risks! At any time, you can of course pay the remaining minimum sales balance yourself, and once our costs are covered, you own full rights to the recording and DVD backups of the 24 channel source files, which can be edited further and released.
Option 3 (pay us outright to come do a live CD release): You can opt to work with us by paying the recording costs up front, and we provide recording and instant live disc release services. You can recover your costs that night as discs sell, you have use of our no risk online sales service to sell further copies, we can print extra copies at our low CDR duplication rate for you to sell at later shows, and you own a high quality multichannel live recording at a very low cost. Since we also run a regular recording studio and production facility, after your show or tour we can always do postproduction and audio mastering, graphic design and photography, and larger runs of pressed CDs for you.

 Real time CDR duplication and sales costs: The disc sets sold on tour consist of a burned CDR with a full colour glossy label, with custom graphics for each show, packaged in paper sleeves with a clear window. This is the fastest and most economical and environmental packaging for instant releases.
1 disc CD package = $1.84
2 disc CD package = $3.68
Vendor commission = $1.00 per sale (this may be our own merchandise person or your band's)

Recording and production costs per show: (units-sold to cover costs (in parentheses) based on the $20.00 disc outlined below)
All arrangements except option 0 include getting a 24 channel hard disk recording backed up onto multiple DVD+R discs.

0) $100.00 Local show within the Victoria area, digitally mastered board mix + room mic, 2 channel only (7 units at $15.01 each)
1) $180.00 Local show within the Victoria area, digitally mastered board mix + room mic released at show (13 units at $14.01 each)
2) $280.00 Local show within the Victoria area, 24 channel mix from a separate room released at the show (20 units at $14.01 each)
3) $350.00 Tour with your band without a separate recording truck (25 units at $14.01 each)
4) $645.00 Fully self contained tour, assuming average of 200 miles between shows and 5 shows a week (47 units at $14.01 each)
5) $777.00 Fully self contained tour with one round trip Vancouver-Victoria ferry included (56 units at $14.01 each)

Example of CD production costs during a show:
$20.00 sale price after tax
-$1.31 PST ($18.69 + $1.31 PST = $20.00, PST and price is adjusted to make sales without having to give out change)
-$3.68 CDR duplication cost
-$1.00 vendor commission (typically your band's merchandise or door person gets this)
$14.01 per unit net income per unit sold ($15.01 including merchant commission) 

Profits paid out to the band and sales bonus paid to Realtime Records: once the night's sales have reached Realtime Records' minimum sales for production costs, the band makes 100% of further net sales until sales reach double our minimum amount (minimums are stated under recording and production costs above), after which Realtime Records collects a bonus of $3 per 2-disc show, or $1.80 per 1-disc show.

Online sales service with no up front cost or obligation to the band: our online sales service is an easy way to get your recordings to fans. We set up a sales page for you on our website for free, and then we duplicate and ship orders as they come in and subtract the shipping, handling and CDR duplication cost from each incoming sale. We also can maintain an email list in our database and send out bulk emails, upon approval by you, announcing new releases to your fans (we also suggest a link be placed on your band's website announcing new releases).
This is the breakdown of our on demand CDR printing and shipping, using a $20.00, 2 disc set as an example:
$20.00 = 2 disc set price
$18.91 = net income after administrative cost (PST added to the disc price and collected, minus merchant fee (Visa/PayPal))
-$3.68 = CDR duplication cost
-$1.00 = shipping cost per show
-$4.00 = handling cost per order (per address shipped). Handling costs will be lower as we get more bands online.
$10.23 = revenue to band after all costs

Online sales policy:
1)We do not sell or share your email lists. 2)You own all rights to the recordings. 3)Your payments are sent out to you by direct deposit to your bank account, cheque, or PayPal direct payment, whenever your sales amount reaches $150.00, though we can send out funds before they reach that amount for a service charge of $1.50. We will send you an email statement once a month if at least one sale has been made in that month, and we can optionally forward the PayPal confirmation of each sale as they come in. You can cancel the online sales at any time, and we will immediately remove your online sales page from our site. Pages will be posted on our site only upon your approval of the image and the song sample to be used, and upon your agreement to this simple policy statement.

CD packaging options: For online sales, we suggest printing on the sleeves. It costs from 35c to 80c per 2 disc set depending on print content, lowers shipping costs compared with jewel cases, and looks good. If you want CD replication (pressed CDs), this will cost about $3.50 each for the minimum run of 1,000. However, the advantage of our on-demand shipping and CDR printing is that you don't have to come up with $3500.00 up front for the CD press run!