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Live Sound Tech Services

We use a fully wireless controllable digital mixing console
this system is infinitely scalable, we can run as much processing as the largest sound systems
its basically like the holodeck on Star Trek, no joke. since the amount of effects, compressors and processing is only limited by computer speed
and the modern computer is so far advanced, there is no longer any limitation to 'equipment' avaliability in the virtual processing space
the limitation is confined hardware inputs and outputs, but we can run up to 96 inputs and outputs, far beond the needs of any application!

we have a full festival PA with double-18" subs and 6 monitor mixes, adequate for up to 1000 people at a 50 foot radius
our system has successfully filled Sugar nightclub with full range sound
and has run outdoor festivals at Ship Point in downtown victoria for 1200 people
see some pics below!

Check out the samples of our live sound on discography page.
Now we can release your show on CDR within 5 minutes of the last song as well

skafest 1020
skafest 2010


24 channel recording during show (tracking + DVD backup only, see Studio Rates for production costs) $75
average production costs for a live recording to release live CD (see Studio Rates for details) $250-$1000